Maria’s Story


Maria’s Story, as told by her daughter Ginger.

“When I first saw all the work my mother’s home needed – I was completely overwhelmed and discouraged! I knew that neither her, myself nor anyone in our family could accomplish fixing her home to, at least, make it livable !!! — much less make it wheelchair accessible and safe for her to get around without tripping or falling !

BUT OUR AMAZING GOD – arranged for us to meet, in Pottsboro, of all places-COINCIDENCE???? NO WAY !!! There is no such a thing ! IT WAS A DIVINE APPOINTMENT !!!

When the day came — the teams started arriving, full of energy and joy! Full of love and can-do attitudes!

The work was dirty, sweaty, and long — but nobody complained — everyone had one thing in mind – to bless my mother — and I will never forget this —I am so grateful, to GOD and to you all for all you have done !!

My mother now can live the rest of her days enjoying a totally safe home, and we have Hearts for Homes to thank for it !
God Bless you all!”


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